Bones found underneath an old hotel and casino in Isleton has been confirmed to be human. Now the coroner's office is looking to see if there was any foul play involved.

Crews were digging inside the Del Rio Hotel, built in 1949, when one of the workers came across the remains. The bones were found three feet below the hotel's concrete foundation. So now the Sacramento County coroner's office is looking at the remains and trying to estimate the age of the bones, how long they may have been down there, and if it was a homicide. If they suspect there is any foul play then the investigation will be turned over to detectives. 

Before the hotel was constructed, it used to be a casino that had been known to have been raided by the Sheriff's Department. So people living nearby, talking to various news agencies, are hypothesizing on how or why the bones were there.

Right now it's unclear if any of the possible illegal activity at the casino has a connection to the remains.