The Superior Courthouse in Fairfield had a scare when an inmate pulled a fire alarm and tried to escape.

While waiting in an underground holding area, Joseph Schabert made a made a break for it, running through a series of tunnels.

Solano County Sheriff's Sgt. Ken Kramer says he eventually trapped himself in an area and then he pulled a fire alarm. 

"Presumably it was because he thought it would override the security features of the jail -- of the secured area," Kramer said. 

Deputies responding to the alarm ran into the area where Schabert was held up. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed it in the faces of the deputies.

"They were incapacitated for a moment, but they were able to gain their composure, deploy their Taser, subdue the prisoner and restrain him," he said.  

Deputies were treated at local hospital for chemical exposure from the fire extinguisher.

Schabert was initially arrested for a probation violation, but now charges of assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a peace officer and trying to escape a jail will be added to that list.