A major weather system moving into California is likely to produce several nights of freezing temperatures in the valley, making it important to take precautions for safety.

"It's really the morning hours that you need to stay bundled up.  Make sure you have protective clothing on obviously, and you might even want to send the kids out with a pair of gloves and a hat, certainly, as they head out to school, because it will still be cold at that time," said News 10 Chief Meteorologist Monica Woods.

She also mentioned that the freezing temperatures could also do damage to exposed plants,

"You probably want to head to your nursery if you have a lot of vegetation that you need to be covering.  Especially as we head through these next couple of nights, because your efforts are going to be worthwhile given that we're going to see this stretch into the beginning of the weekend," Woods said. 

El Dorado County Sheriff's Lieutenant Tim Becker said it's also important to be prepared before traveling.  Make sure you keep your gas tank at least half-full, properly inflate your tires and carry chains.  It's also important to keep an emergency kit in your car,

"In my own vehicle I keep extra blankets and cold weather boots available in case I do break down somewhere.  I always have a little bit of food like snack bars and water available in my vehicle," Becker said.

Becker emphasized that senior citizens are especially at risk during extreme cold weather,

"Make sure that their homes are prepared and insulated well, their fireplace, their wood stove, and their heating systems are working properly.  Then it's good to keep an emergency kit in an easy access location," encouraged the Lieutenant.

As for your home, be sure to make sure your pets are insulated from the cold and that pipes are properly insulated.

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