Pope Francis is in the news again this week. First, for his comments on how the Catholic Church needs to focus beyond what he calls "small-minded rules."

Now today, the first Jesuit Pope is denouncing abortions as a symptom of today's "throw away culture."

Local Jesuit leader Father David Suwalsky, the President of Jesuit High School, reacted to the Pope's comments.  

He believes the Church leader is "speaking as the Pope" and letting Catholics know the values of the faith.

"To talk about mercy, is something that probably is an idea that needs to be revisited and re-emphasized. And then the question of abortion is one that as a Catholic we just don't find as an acceptable solution," he said.

But, as for those who'd say today's strong anti-abortion message is an olive branch to the Church's conservative wing.

"I would be hard pressed to believe that given how Pope Francis has been working this past six months, that he would immediately tilt in a so-called opposite direction just because of criticism," Suwalsky said.

Father Suwalsky says the Pope's comments don't reflect a change in Catholic teaching but, rather, a change in what's being emphasized by church leaders.