The killing of a Catholic priest shining a light on police procedures and across the justice system.

Suspected killer Gary Lee Bullock had been released from Humboldt County Jail just hours before he allegedly broke into St. Bernard Catholic Church and killed Father Eric Freed.

Despite displaying erratic behavior, Humboldt County Sheriff's did not choose to hold Bullock beyond 72 hours for a mental health evaluation.

Instead, he was turned loose because there were no instances of violence in his criminal background.

When Eureka Police found him near the church, they noticed he was acting strangely, but referred him to a homeless shelter. Sometime after that, Bullock is alleged to have killed Father Freed and stolen his car.

The death has many in Eureka saying they've got to face their crime problem.

This latest tragedy has tarnished the image of this small picturesque North Coast town.

Marijuana and methamphetamine are being grown and produced in the hideaway forests, just outside of town, property and drug fueled crime has Eureka in its grip.

The Humboldt Sentinel webpage says "The crime rate City of Eureka is over 113 percent higher than the national average and has been consistently almost double the state and national average since 1999."

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