An Orangevale man is behind bars for sexually assaulting and kidnapping a woman from the town's Wal-Mart parking lot.

After purchasing a few things just before 11 o'clock last night, the 40-something woman was getting back into her car when a man jumped in and pointed a simulated gun.  Sergeant Lisa Bowman described a tense following scene,

"She was forced to drive to a different location where she was sexually assaulted.  When he was through, he told her to get back in the car and drive him right back where she picked him up, so she did as she was told because she feared for her life."

Sergeant Bowman says witnesses were able help Sacramento Sheriff's Depuities locate the man,

"He had a very distinctive T-Shirt, something that's easily recognizable, a little bit out of the ordinary."

34-year old Joseph Bonderer had been thrown out of a different establishment just an hour before the assault for making derogatory comments to women.

He's now in the county jail.