If you're planning a road-trip this 4th of July, obey the rules of the road or risk a run in with the long arm of the law.

With thousands of additional drivers expected on California highways this weekend, the CHP will have extra patrols enforcing speed and seat belt laws.

Officer Mike Harris says they'll also be on the lookout for those who drink and drive.

"If you're gonna go out and celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend and there's gonna be alcohol involved, then plan ahead. Make the smart choice and plan for a designated driver, plan for a safe, sober way to get home," Harris said. 

Otherwise, you might find yourself in jail for DUI, like more than 1,500 Californians last Fourth of July.

"The CHP's mission is absolutely to save lives. We want everybody to enjoy the weekend, celebrate Independence Day, we just want everybody to plan ahead, do it responsibly, and get home safe," Harris said. 

The CHP's "Maximum Enforcement Period" begins Thursday evening at 6 and continues through Sunday.