New York City's new mayor says he's focused "like a laser'' on keeping the city safe from an approaching icy, windy snowstorm.  Mayor Bill de Blasio says hundreds of plows and salt spreaders will be on the streets as soon as the snow starts falling.

The latest winter storm is the first big test for New York City's new mayor, and it comes on de Blasio's second day on the job.  The National Weather Service says between 4-8" are expected to fall in the city overnight.  de Blasio told reporters today the city is ready, but warned residents,

"I cannot say that strongly enough.  Please stay home tonight.  If you have any option to, please stay home tonight and please stay off the roads so the people who are here to keep them clear can do their work."

Areas upstate are expecting up to 14".  Forecasters say the snowfall will be accompanied by some of the coldest temperatures in years.