In downtown Sacramento, there's a new coffee shop that brings change, one cup at a time.

On the corner of 7th and H streets, the TurnAround Coffee House has what you would expect in any coffee shop -- a variety of coffee selections from lattes to drip coffee, sandwiches and pastries.

However, this shop is run entirely by volunteers.

It's run by Clean and Sober, a nonprofit that houses and helps homeless and the less fortunate get into recovery.

"They're learning how to get back to work. And most of the people that are volunteering are just part of the community -- like anybody can volunteer, I always need more volunteers," Crystal Urech, the coffee house coordinator, said. 

She says they've been open for about three weeks now and it’s a way for those who struggle with addiction to change their lives.

"We house up to 62 individuals at a time. It costs $400 a month for each person that lives there and we are completely run on donations," Urech said. 

At first thought, you wouldn't expect a coffee shop run entirely by donations to look up to par with other coffee shops, but with its huge windows shining light in, artwork decorating the walls, and furniture that you would love in your own home, this coffee shop offers more than just a buzz -- it offers others a future.

So, if residents are able to get behind this coffee house, not only will it help a person's life, it can also help the community.


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