The muggy weather is creating a "perfect storm" for mosquitoes to descend, but can an app help you fight the bite?

The latest high-tech weapon in the battle against the bloodsuckers can be found in your pocket -- on your phone. That's right, it's an app, and a free app.

The most popular one out there is called the Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller. What does it sound like? A very high pitched tone, too high to be picked up by some ears.

The app emits ultrasonic frequencies designed to frighten the mosquitoes away. 

"So, we're happy to see that people are thinking of new and innovative technologies to repel the mosquitoes, such as this app. However, we have not seen the scientific testing and data that would show that it's effective at repelling the mosquitoes," Luz Rodriguez, spokesperson for the Sacramento Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District said. 

Rodriguez says when in doubt, grab bug spray that contains DEET.