The NAACP of Sacramento is holding a vigil tonight in response to the Michael Brown, Jr. shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.  

The gathering is set for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Christian Fellowship Ministry Church on Rio Linda Boulevard.  

Organizers are inviting the community "to come out and join in a call for justice."  

"We wanted to show a solidarity as well as a peaceful solution. We don't want any incidents regardless of what the situation is to happen, that has just happened," NAACP Branch President Stephen Webb said. 

Webb says he supports the FBI's monitoring of the case and an independent investigation.

"We need to have an outside source that would be non-partial looking in, and hopefully monitoring the situation and hopefully get a handle and make sure that we have clarity," he said. 

The NAACP will also hold a forum this Wednesday in hopes of bettering partnerships with law enforcement organizations so as to prevent the events of Ferguson from happening here.