A Sacramento man who lost a two-million dollar check on a Madrid subway has turned up, safe 'n' sound. Bill Guting called KFBK just after 6:30 Friday evening to say he'd been sleeping off the jet lag of a return trip from Spain and woke to find he'd become an international man of mystery. He shares the story of what REALLY happened:


SACRAMENTO -- Spanish authorities are trying to track down a Sacramento businessman, to return a lost $2 million check.

The Spanish news outlet "20 minutes" reports a maintenance worker in Madrid got quite a surprise Wednesday when he found the check inside a wallet while trying to fix a subway car.

The Bank of America check was handwritten off the account of I.R. Press in Sacramento -- the listed owner is Bill Guting of the real-estate investing "Guting Group."

The check was written from the company to Guting. And it was postdated for January of 2014.

Authorities in Spain and internationally are looking for Guting in an attempt to return the $2 million check, but no one can find him.

Nicole Thompson says the State Department is working with Spanish authorities to find him.

"The Department is aware, the Bureau of Consular Affairs is aware. And we are looking into the case," Thompson said.

Calls to Guting's office in Sacramento were forwarded to an email system, and his personal phone line has been disconnected.

But questions remain. Why did Guting write a check to himself? And where is he now?

Have you seen this man?

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