SACRAMENTO -- Four legislative bills that would greatly strengthen California's firearms laws made their way to Governor Jerry Brown's desk this week.

While the action comes to the dismay of gun-rights advocates, Assembly Speaker John Perez points out that, even when California had the strictest gun laws in the nation, the state continued to see increases in sales.

"Which I think speaks to exactly what we ought to be doing, making sure that we regulate gun ownership and gun sales in the interest of public safety, but that we not do it in any way that limits people's second amendment rights," Perez said.

Leading the way is a bill by Senator Darrel Steinberg that would prohibit future sale, purchase, manufacture, importation or transfer of semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine.

Others include bills that would expand the definition of an illegal shotgun, expand handgun safety certificate requirements to all guns and a bill that would prevent a person with multiple drug and alcohol offenses from possessing a weapon.