A massive ice storm which could turn out to be one of the worst to hit the U.S. in years is leaving thousands of people without power from North Texas to Tennessee.  

States of emergency have been declared in several states including much of Texas, where nearly 300,000 people lost power near the Dallas area.  While the worst of the storm is over, the bitterly cold weather will last through the weekend.  

If you're flying to the Dallas-Fort Worth area tonight, you should probably check for delays. 

"We have heard that our four inbound and outbound nonstop flights to Dallas-Ft. Worth have been canceled due to weather.  We presume that's the ice storm affect Texas and adjaecent areas," said Lori Slothower with Sacramento International Airport.

Slothower says there's no telling how long the ice storms and inclimate weather in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will last, but just to be safe if you're flying there or are expecting people flying from that area, check for delays before you head to the airport.