He raped his disabled stepdaughter but will only spend 11 years in jail... and that's not sitting well with prosecutors.

27-year-old Carlos Mesinas received the maximum sentence allowed for the forcible rape of his 14-year old stepdaughter... who's physically, mentally and developmentally disabled.

Carlos Mesinas videotaped the rape of his step-daughter on his cellphone. Her mother found the film a few weeks later.

Deputy District Attorney Amy Holiday prosecuted the case. Holliday showed the jury the video of the rape.

More than 13 months later, Mesinas received his maximum sentence. Deputy District Attorney Amy Holiday says there were no available enhancements that would have provided a stiffer sentence. Holliday hopes the case will get the attention of lawmakers who might consider closing the loophole.

Legal costs have left the family in need of reliable transportation and the non-profit group "Destinations Mobility" is now accepting donations.

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