CITRUS HEIGHTS -- A Citrus Heights man felt it was his "Call of Duty" to shoot up a few cars with his BB gun after playing the popular video game.

Sgt. David Moranz says Citrus Heights police were called out to the 7700 block of Greenback Lane around 3:30 a.m., where they found the man in the parking lot of the Renaissance Apartments.

"The subject was found to be intoxicated and stated that he was playing "Call of Duty" and that he decided to go out and practice some of the techniques," Moranz said.

Moranz says after the suspect was booked for public intoxication, they discovered a few cars took some hits.

"The BB gun did cause damage to two windows on two different vehicles," he said.

Police were able to find one vehicle's owner, who plans to file vandalism charges.