Photo courtesy of The Citizen Hotel.

It's the case of the purloined painting.

A Thanksgiving weekend heist at The Citizen Hotel involved a drunken member of a wedding party and a portrait of a nude woman atop a Cohiba Cigar in the hotel's restroom.

The caper occurred Nov. 24 during a wedding at the hotel. Hotel staff noticed afterward that the nude painting done by Sacramento artist Mel Ramos was missing from the men's restroom.

Hotel staff checked cameras in the hallway and guest hotel reservations and identified the man the good 'old new way -- they checked out his LinkedIn profile.

Hotel staff took their findings to police who confronted the guilty thief. He confessed to the crime but was very guilt ridden. He also had a good excuse: He said he was very drunk after a long night of partying.

Citizen Hotel staff chose not to press charges and instead chose a unique punishment: The guilty crook will have to spend 40 hours performing community service at Loaves and Fishes.

He also had to repeatedly write on hotel stationery the words "I will never again get drunk at a wedding and steal the naked cigar picture above the urinal in the Citizen Hotel."

Photo courtesy of The Citizen Hotel