Sheriff's deputies have arrested the co-worker of the Subway employee who was brutally assaulted this week.

Kenneth Anderson, 22, is facing four felony counts in Tuesday's incident.

He's a longtime co-worker of the victim, who was just arriving to work in Foothill Farms when she was dragged into the back room of her restaurant.

"He beat her very bloody," Sacramento Sheriff's  Spokeswoman Lisa Bowman said. 

Anderson was completely covered at the time and "she was shocked that it was him," Bowman said. 

A routine interview led to a search warrant of Anderson's home, where evidence linked him to the crime.

His mug shot is currently being compared to that of a serial rapist in the area.

"It's undeniable how similar his mug shot photo is to the composite sketch," Bowman said. 

A rush has been put on a DNA comparison

Photos courtesy of Sacramento Sheriff's Department