A last-minute appeal has been filed against the demolition of the Downtown Plaza to make room for the new Kings arena.

Twelve citizens have appealed a judge's refusal to block the project.

The appeal alleges that the city and the Sacramento Kings have refused to disclose any NBA threat to take the team out of Sacramento unless the downtown Sacramento demolition begins on the sports arena. 

"The traffic jams, after-event crowds, parking and other impacts should be studied before -- not after -- the project is built," Adriana Saltonstall, one of the 12 residents, said. 

"The City and the Kings promoted cutting corners with the constant claim that they have a deal with the NBA to build the arena by 2017 or the NBA can take the team elsewhere," she added. "But they refused to provide proof of that deal in court. The deadlines are a hoax."

The group, calling itself Sacramento Citizens, says an environmental review needs to be done before the project, not after, and argue in their appeal that the exemption allowing demolition and construction to begin is unconstitutional.

Notice of Appeal 7-31