Homelessness is on the decline across America, and, according to the Housing and Urban Development Department's latest survey; it's down in the Sacramento region as well.

HUD released its annual report on homeless earlier today.

Nationwide reductions are seen in every major sub-population since 2010, when the federal government established a strategic plan to end homelessness.

Regional Administrator Ophelia Basgal said the Sacramento region is also showing improvement,

"Overall there was a 10% decrease between 2012 and 2013."

The number of those unsheltered, or literally "on the street," is down 18%.

"Part of it can be the methodology but we also know that in the Sacramento area this has been a real priority for the community and the mayor in particular, and it could be a very targeted approach to how they're delivering services," Basgal continued.

There also been an 8% reduction in veteran's homelessness in the Sacramento region.