The Sacramento Kings opened the season with a 90-88 win over the Denver Nuggets last night. And while the team was getting off to a good start, so was the Vivek Ranadive era.

The atmosphere was festive at Sleep Train Arena as more than 17,000 fans came out to support the Sacramento Kings team many people thought would be a thing of the past.

Troy Vedal brought his family to the game, but not before a stop to "see the stars" on the Purple Carpet.

"It was a true Hollywood concept right in our hometown Sacramento," he said. 

Vedal believes that Vivek is going to bring the team back up to speed and get the Kings back to where they used to be, he said. 

And that's good news for his daughter, Saraya.

"I'm very excited. It means a lot to me and I love watching the dancers on the court. I want to be one when I grow up," she said. 

Season ticket holders described the opening night festivities as "incredible," awesome" and "outstanding."

NBA Commissioner David Stern was also in attendance and said he was impressed with the outpouring of support from fans.

"But this is not a one-night stand. This has been since 1985," Stern said. 

When asked if he was pleased that Mayor Kevin Johnson was able to keep the Kings in town, he replied that he was "utterly delighted."

So is season ticket holder Dave Kelly.

"The effort that the people made in town, spearheaded by Kevin Johnson, to keep the team in town was phenomenal," Kelly said.

And the Natomas resident is grateful.

"It means I've got somewhere to spend my money in the wintertime," Kelly joked.

A local favorite, The Sign Lady, Barbara Rust, was also in attendance at last night's game -- less than two weeks after undergoing cancer surgery.

She says she was always confident the team would stay in town.

"I was one of the believers that we would find a way to do this. But I am pinching myself that we are having this opening night and I am here and loving every minute of it," she said.