Winners of the Hidden Cash scavenger hunt began to emerge Tuesday morning.

@HiddenCash said it placed 18 envelopes containing money around the Sacramento State campus. Last night, Hidden Cash posted this tweet:

Then another clue was posted to Twitter early this morning.

Then Hidden Cash confirmed any doubts the money would be hidden at Sac State with this tweet:

People were in a frenzy Tuesday morning as they ran throughout the campus on Tuesday morning looking for money.

Sacramento has been excited about Hidden Cash since our city was identified as one of the lucky few to participate in the scavenger hunt.

Jason Buzi has come out as one of several people behind @HiddenCash. Buzi is a California real estate investor and Sac State alum.

Buzi has described the giveaways as a fun way to give back to the community. And that it’s not about the money, but about making someone’s day better.


And just when Sacramento thought it was all over, there was more. Hidden Cash tweeted that they weren't quite done here in Sacramento. Clues led money-finding hopefuls to Capitol Park, where 10 more envelopes of cash were hidden around. 


@HiddenCash signed off with this tweet.