SACRAMENTO -- Seattle investor Chris Hansen is asking STOP not to use the 18,000 signatures collected with his funding.

"If you wish to continue your efforts to qualify the measure, I request that you do so without the benefit of the signatures collected with my funds. Please do the right thing and return the signatures to me or destroy them," Hansen said in a letter sent to Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork.

The letter was released after STOP announced that it was in possession of the signatures.

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“STOP did not pay for these signatures, nor does it have any legal right to them," the letter reads.

In the letter, Hansen claims that the signatures were sent to STOP without his consent by political consultant Brandon Powers.

Powers works with Citizens for a Voice in Government, a political committee that used a donation of $80,000 from Hansen to fund the signature-gathering effort.

Within hours of the letter being sent, was out with fresh allegations of impropriety against STOP.

Sounding a familiar tone,'s Joshua Wood says STOP should abide by Hansen's request and not use the signatures in their effort.

Wood also says his organization will be holding a petition recall drive Saturday to give people who signed the STOP petitions and changed their minds to recall their signatures.  

Hansen's Letter to Stop