Thinking about taking your boat to the lake this weekend? The government shutdown may determine which lakes are open and which are closed.  

All federal government owned-and-run reservoirs are being closed because of the government shutdown. Pete Lucero, with the Bureau of Reclamation, says this will have an impact on one local area.  

"Reclamation has determined that our recreation areas that are government managed will be closed for the duration of the shutdown. New Melones Lake, all of our camping, hiking, biking, access to the picnic areas, camping areas and boat launch are all closed," he said. 

Lucero says the same goes for Lake Berryessa near Napa. Other reservoirs like Folsom, Shasta or Oroville, which are federally owned, but managed by State Parks may be experiencing some closures as well. All national parks, monuments, and federally owned areas are shutdown for the duration. 

New Melones Marina Closed

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