Funeral services were held today in Lodi for five members of one family killed in a drunk driving crash last week.

Several hundred mourners filled St. Anne's Church for the funerals of Luis Miranda, 32; Viviana Rodriguez Salgado, 31; and children Irvin Miranda, 12; Jose Luis Miranda Rodriguez, 6; and Stephanie Rodriguez, 5.

Their bodies will be buried in Mexico.

The couple's 9-year-old son was the sole survivor.  Viviana Salgado was pregnant at the time and her unborn baby also died.

28-year-old local resident Ryan Morales was arrested in the crash.  Prosecutors are considering murder charges against him.

Police said he got in a borrowed SUV after downing a bottle of apple-flavored vodka with his father that afternoon.

PHOTOS: Funeral for 5 members of Lodi family killed in crash