A teenager is dead, and his girlfriend is gravely injured after they were run down by a freight train in Marysville.  

They were walking along the tracks on their way to a Sadie Hawkins dance at Marysville Charter Academy.  

Mateus Moore and Micayla Friend had their backs to an on-coming Union Pacific freight train.  

At the last second, Mateus shoved Micayla aside -- she was still struck by the train and thrown clear.  She suffered major injuries.

Mateus, however, was runover by the locomotive and died on the tracks.  

Union Pacific Railroad says their train's crew was sounding the horn and attempting to stop the train before it ran down the pair. 

Micayla is in critical condition at an area hospital.  

On Sunday, a memorial for Mateus was held at the little league park near the scene of the accident.  

The teen was hailed as a hero for saving the life of his girlfriend as he paid with his own life.

Mateus was a "gentle giant." He excelled in academics and played the guitar. Those who knew him said he stood for everything that was right.

Micayla's mother expressed the deepest gratitude for the young man who gave his life to save her daughter. 

Micayla came out of sedation briefly on Sunday and told her family that they never heard the train coming. She also learned of her boyfriend's death. 

Micayla has numerous broken bones and internal organ tears.