The Fair Political Practices Commission has levied the largest fine ever in its history.

Two Phoenix based political action committees will pay a fine of $1 million to California's General fund for campaign-reporting violations. The organization that received donations from those two committees has also been ordered to pay an additional $15.8 million.

FPPC chair Ann Ravel called the PACs dark money political nonprofit corporations that were part of "Koch Brothers Network," and she says they tried to exploit loopholes in California disclosure law. The Center to Protect Patient Rights and Americans for Responsible Leadership are the two nonprofits being accused.

"The nonprofits, nonetheless, violated the law because they hid the name of the true donors," she said.

The case stems back to two donations for a total of $11 million made to No on Prop 30, Governor Jerry Brown's school tax, and Yes on 32, which would have prevented unions from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes.