A fourth pit bull has died, after being left inside an SUV for over two-hours with three other dogs.

Although this story does not have a happy ending, officials are hoping this will be an eye-opener to never leave your kids -- or dogs -- alone in cars. 

Trevor Moore Courtney, 34, is facing numerous counts of animal abuse, in addition to being forced to pay some hefty fines. 

Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Lisa Bowman says deputies were called out to the Sierra Fair Apartments Thursday afternoon, after a neighbor saw the dogs inside the hot SUV.  

"The deputy said that three of the four pitbulls inside of the vehicle were obviously deceased. The fourth was in such distress, the neighbors were actually trying to soak her in buckets of water just to get her to cool down," Bowman said.  

That pit bull was taken to an animal hospital nearby, however, she was euthanized over the weekend because of her injuries.

Courtney told deputies he was visiting his friend when he left the dogs in the SUV. He may face additional charges.