The former advertising director of Raley's has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for defrauding the grocery retailer out of more than $3 million.

47-year old David Magana of Newcastle is the third man to be sentenced in a series of schemes between 2007 and 2010 that included on-the-side selling of the company's paper inventory.

"What they would do is increase the bills that the printer or paper distributer were paying and those were all hidden through false invoices," explained prosecuting attorney Michael Beckwith.

Beckwith added that Magana, Jason Smith and Martin Cullenward were also involved in a scheme where the purchase price of paper was inflated.

"In total they took from Raley's roughly $3.1 million between the three of them," he said.

They'll each be spending between three and four years in prison.  Magana was ordered to pay more than $3 million in restitution.

Smith and Cullenward will each return about $1.5 million.