From one boyhood dream, to another -- a Sacramento man and former minor-league baseball player-of-the-year has changed uniforms.

Vincent Catricala says swapping a mit with the Seattle Mariner's for a Sac PD badge was an easy decision and even more of a call to serve.

"I remember growing up, I was always infatuated any time a police officer came around," he said. 

Catricala graduated from the police academy on June 19th.

Comparing baseball and police work he says one thing is consistent: It's about the team.

"That camaraderie that I thought I was never really gonna see again, I got week one of the academy," Catricala said. 

A team that Sacramento Police Department spokesperson Michele Gigante says, is very excited to have him playing for them.

"You know it's neat when we have an employee that comes in who was part of a sports team, who understands camaraderie, who understands working as a unit to figure things out," Gigante said. 

July 19th is the big day -- it's Catricala's first day on patrol.