Today isn't just the deadline day for filing taxes, it's also the deadline for completing your application for Covered California. 

Carrie McLean is with eHealth Insurance in Gold River.

"Today is important because it's kind of like the final, final, final day to enroll in health insurance," she said. 

Covered California says today's deadline is supposed to be just for the folks that started, but didn't finish their application. But they're also using the "honor system."

"They basically will take that application based on you saying that yes, you tried to enroll by the 31st. So they're not gonna require any proof or anything," McLean said. 

If you don't enroll by midnight tonight, McLean says there are other plans available.

"They will provide you financial protection, give you some coverage, however, they're not going to be Affordable Care Act compliant, so you will still face a tax penalty," McLean said. 

For 2014 the maximum tax penalty amount is $95 per adult and $47.50 per child within your household OR 1% of your “applicable” income (which is the portion of your household income that exceeds the personal exemption amount defined by the IRS), whichever is greater.

This means that depending on your income, your tax penalty could be hundreds of dollars per year. And penalties are scheduled to increase in future years.