The finale for Farm-to-Fork week on Sunday night did not disappoint as 600 of the regions top diners gathered for a night of culinary excellence all from our local fields.

It was just about a year ago, according to Convention and Visitors Bureau's Mike Testa, that Farm-to-Fork first got started.

"Mayor [Kevin] Johnson declared Sacramento the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America, and then it set in motion the collaboration of a lot of chefs and farmers and the Convention of Visitors Bureau, to celebrate that designation, and this is really the culmination of that," Testa said. 

Ten22 master chef Jay Veregge says Sunday's event brought together the city's top culinary talents.

"We're all involved here in trying to bring awareness of Farm-to-Fork here in Sacramento, so we've all collectively as chefs put things together, we all have different parts and roles to play," Veregge said. 

The pigeons kept their distance, the winds were bearable and the rain stayed away making the event on Tower Bridge a memorable night.