The Families First Group Home has been at the center of lawsuits for years.

Allegations of neglect and child sex abuse closed the home in 2013. But trouble continues.

In a new lawsuit, a victim of alleged child sexual abuse is charging that he was molested at the home. 

"The group home was an abominable facility," Dr. Joseph George, who is representing the victim, said. 

The victim claims he was also restrained by employees; forced to spend the night locked in a room without a bed, water, or the use of a restroom.

"Euphemistically called a 'quiet room,'" he said. 

George says the boy's father found out about the situation and contacted police.

Davis police cited the home, but that didn't stop the violence. 

"Then the word gets out that the guy who initiated the 'quiet room,' he gets fired. Then our child gets harassed by the other workers there," George said. 

Families First in Davis has since been shut down, but as George says, the new lawsuit seeks accountability for violence in a facility that should have been a safe haven.