Sacramento's arena project won't be the only new -- and expensive -- construction planned for downtown.

The City Council is set to review three separate renovation plans for the Community Center Theatre.

They range in scope from $11 million to $52 million.

Only disability concerns are covered on the low end, go higher and you'll get a complete exterior facelift, replace 40 year old air conditioners and more. 

Such as doubling the women's restroom count, which is very important, said Fran Halbalken with the City of Sacramento. 

Halbalken says the $11 million is already on hand.

"We're looking at a $25 million loan," Halbalken said. The extra money would allow for the extra upgrades. 

The loan would be paid back through current ticket surcharges and hotel taxes.

Construction would begin in 2016, after completion of a new arena.

"They definitely complement each other," she said.