How much vacation do you take a year? Probably not as much as some other countries around the world.

A new survey by Expedia ranks the United States as vacation deprived.  We only get, on average, about 14 days a year in vacation time.  What we get, we don't necessarily use, either.  The survey shows that out of those 14, Americans only take about 11 on average.

Armed with this information, if you're looking to relocate to a country more generous with vacation time?  You have a couple of options,

  • Both Canada and Mexico average 1 to 2 days more per year than the U.S.

  • Great Britain gets about 26 days of vacation per year.

  • France, Brazil and Germany all get an entire month give or take a few days.

If all the other reasons to stay keep you grounded here in the United States but you still grumble about those laid back Europeans, remember this.

In Taiwan and South Korea the workers can only expect about 12 days a year, two less than here in America.