Wonder how much your city manager makes? What about the folks that run the California State University system? Or what about a state lawmaker? There's a website for that.

It's called Public Pay -- the website that was created by state controller John Chiang to let the public know how much public employees are being paid.

"You can look up the mayor of Los Angeles. You can look up any state department director. There's about 1.5 million position listed so far," Spokesman Jacob Roper said. 

Roper says the site was created after the scandal in Bell, California -- in which the public learned their city manager was collecting about $1 million a year in compensation. Since then Public Pay went online, constantly updated by the state controllers office.

"The more data that's available, the better of a resource it becomes for taxpayers," he said. 

Take a look into how much public employees are making in your area.