An El Dorado County judge today stripped Ray Nutting of his seat on the Board of Supervisors because of his misdemeanor convictions for improperly raising bail money from county employees and a construction contractor.

Superior Court Judge Timothy S. Buckley said Nutting had committed "misconduct in office."

The judge said he is sending a notice to the county board notifying them that Nutting's seat is now vacant.

Judge Buckley also sentenced Nutting to 30 days of community service instead of jail time. 


El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting has some obstacles to overcome after some of his colleagues say he should be forced out of office because he has been accused of misdemeanor charges.

Nutting was found guilty of six misdemeanor charges for taking personal loans from two employees and a contractor working for the county.

He received money from them to post bail, while facing arrest on political malfeasance charges. 

He was acquitted of the felony counts, but prosecutors say under the Political Reform Act, those misdemeanor charges are enough to relieve him from his position. 

His lawyer disagrees, however, saying at most he faces a three year suspension from running for office or becoming a lobbyist. 

So now, prosecutors are waiting until Nutting's sentencing to decide whether to re-file the felony count for submitting false paperwork after receiving state funds to clear brush on his 340-acre ranch.