The news of a possible breach of credit card data at the DMV has raised the eyebrows of more than a few Californians. While there's no evidence of a data breach at this point, it's a good reminder to always be proactive in protecting your money.

Detective Sean Smith of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department says to keep tabs on your bank account and your credit card statements to see if there are any anomalies - whether large or small dollar amounts.

He says, while the BEST advice is to make sure you use your card in reputable places, there's not a lot as an account holder that you can do to prevent something if there has been some sort of back-door compromise into one of these businesses.

For now, the DMV has posted a consumer alert to their website with more information and facts on identity theft and specific ways to protect your personal identification. They'll be updating that page - possibly as early as later today.

For more information, visit DMV's website.