A media and game design firm has its headquarters in Stockton, bucking the trend of runaway production companies and other companies stuck in the Silicon Valley.  

Petros Media is the company behind a new game app called Flipsquare.  

Petros is also a video design and production house with their own studio located in the Elks Building in Stockton.  

They're making their own way by not being tied to the Silicon Valley and its skyhigh rents or fleeing California for other states.  

Co-founder Kenny McCann spoke with News10.

"Because its such an open market to start something, and so in a sense it's a blank slate," McCann said 

A report from FilmL.A. says California's share of the top 25 live-action films has dropped from 64 percent 15 years ago to just 8 percent in 2013.  

The report also says the Golden State's visual effects industry is in a state of collapse.  

But Petros Media could be the exception that turns things around.