The Citizen Hotel's annual Naughty and Nice list is again on display and the Sacramento Kings organization gets two thumbs up.

To no one's surprise, Vivek Ranadive tops this year's "Nice" list,

"He certainly does, he's been instrumental in having the Kings stay with us and also of course the arena that will come along with that," said Citizen Hotel Sales Manager Ryan Brough.

Brough added that the team's majority owner isn't the only member of the Kings being honored.  Shaquille O'Neal himself didn't make the list but his nickname for the city did.

"Shaqramento is definitely a fun name, also considering the history with him and the Lakers it's great to see him on the nice list as part of the positive future of the Kings," Brough said.

Pope Francis and Batkid also made the nice list this year, while Hashtags, Selfies and Miley Cyrus were deemed naughty.