A California woman is going home with a kick in the face from a giraffe as a souvenir of her trip to the Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin.  

"When she kind of tried to enter the yard with him, which is like I said something that we don't do, that's a very different situation, one that he's not used to and not accustomed to, so that probably frightened him," Deputy Zoo Director Jeff Halter said. 

Halter says 24-year-old Amanda Hall climbed over one fence and nearly got over a second into the giraffe enclosure when two-year-old Wally walked up.  

Wally licked her and then turned around and kicked her in the face.  

According to zoo staff, the woman was lucky that's all that happened, as giraffes can kill lions.  

The woman was also slapped with a nearly $700 fine.