The investigation continues into a break-in at the California State Railroad Museum.

The details are sketchy right now. Stephen Van Etton is a supervisor with the parks peace officer capitol district. He says the break-in happened sometime overnight.

"There was some display cases and other things damaged. But other than that, none of the items that were residing in these cases or displays were compromised, damaged, missing or stolen," Van Etton said. 

Most of the museum is back open to the public.

"There will be two areas that will be cordoned off until things can get repaired and are in a presentable way that can be viewed by the public," he said. 

The museum carries some valuable items from California's railroad past, including a twin of the original golden spike, used in a ceremony for the transcontinental railroad. It was donated to the museum in 2005. The original golden spike is at Stanford University. 

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