The future is now. California is investing nearly $50 million in hydrogen fuel stations.

The state's Energy Commission says the funding will add 28 new sites for zero emission cars, split between Northern and Southern California.

Spokesman Jim McKinney says the goal is jump starting a new market.

Hyundai will be selling this year. 'And then Toyota and Honda are expected to start selling vehicles next year,' says McKinney. 

The locations will triple the current infrastructure. Kathrine Dunwitty with the California Fuel Cell Partnership says Palo Alto, San Ramon, Sacramento and even Trukee will see stations.

Hydrogen owners will have a longer range than electric drivers. 'They go to a station, they fill 3-5 minutes and then they can go another 300, 400 miles,' Dunwitty says. 

A mobile refueler will take the place of stations when they're offline.