The California Capital Airshow in Rancho Cordova this weekend is actually going to be better because of the federal government shutdown.

The shutdown has forced the cancellation of the Miramar Airshow at the Marine Corps air station in San Diego.

Canada's Patriots Jet Team had been scheduled to perform at that airshow in San Diego, and when it was canceled they called officials here and now there will be two jet teams at the Sacramento show.

That makes this weekend's California Capital Airshow unique.

"To add the Patriots, to have a second jet team, really makes this the top air show of the year," Dennis Dunbar with the California Capital Airshow said.

KFBK's Mike Simpson had the chance to fly with the Canadian team Friday, before the show this weekend.

Seatbelts you're flying with the Canadian Snowbirds, because you'll be sideways -- and upside down -- at 400 miles an hour.

Captian Brett Parker took Simpson up today, to preview a kind of show Sacramento hasn't seen here before -- more planes, a bit more graceful flying, but with plenty to see.

Meaning there's always one jet or another flying by the crowd, looping over it or barrelling twoards it. 

See photos from Mike Simpson's adventure.