SACRAMENTO -- There may be new life to a medical marijuana regulation bill that died in the state Assembly earlier this year. 

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's AB 473 sought to create a state agency to regulate medical marijuana the same as alcohol, tobacco and firearms. The bill, which died in committee back in May, appears to have undergone changes, making it possible to bring the legislation back to life.  

"The goal is to bring California to the same standard that state's like Washington and Colorado already operate with," Nate Bradley with the California Cannibis Industry Association said.

Bradley also credits recent action on the federal level, he said.  

"This is also based off the statement from Eric Holder last week, and the new memo that went out which kind of gave guidelines to states that wanted to regulate marijuana on their own," Bradley said.

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The formal announcement of a breakthrough on the bill has yet to be made.

DOJ Memo