LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif. -- Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies located a burning body near a Southern California lake where they had been searching for a missing Sierra College student.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Sergeant Rich Pena says firefighters discovered a body at the scene of a small brush fire near Lake Castaic this morning.

"The body was found near the area where we've been looking for the missing person for the past three, four days," Pena said.

The missing person is 19-year-old Bryce Laspisa from Roseville. A Sierra College student, Laspisa disappeared on the way to visit his parents in Orange County.

Authorities haven't been able to make an identification on the remains yet.

"The body was not in good condition, and they had not been able to tell the race, the gender or anything like that," Pena said.

Laspisa was last heard from early Friday morning, when he reportedly called his parents and told them he was pulling off a freeway to sleep in his Toyota SUV.