A bill now making its way through the State Assembly would give California troops serving overseas three extra days for their absentee ballots to reach the States.

It's called the "Let California Troops Vote" bill and it's now being heard in the Senate Elections Committee.  

Assemblyman Jim Patterson says it would allow overseas vote-by-mail ballots to be counted if they've been postmarked on or before Election Day and arrive no more than three days later.

"It's a huge difference that three days are going to make. That's gonna be the difference between the shredded ballot -- not being counted -- and the ballot arriving, opened and put with those that are piled up to be counted," Patterson said. 

The bill's co-author, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove calls it an important and necessary step to ensuring veterans voices are heard at the ballot box.  

The Bakersfield Republican is the first female veteran to serve in the State Assembly.