Bay Area commuters were forced to find another way to work after BART workers walked off the job early this morning, cripling the rail line.

Different commuters are finding different travel solutions during the strike.

An Oakland woman ended up traveling by ferry instead, saying,

"I work in San Francisco and I ride BART.  This I'm only going to work today, I'll probably take off next week."

Brice Whiteman decided to hitch a ride with a stranger who drove by a BART station offering to carpool people to work.  Whether that was the safest thing in the world to do or not, he got on board.

"I think you should keep an open mind.  If you check out the person driving, just to make sure they're not crazy looking, and hop on board."

About 400,000 riders rely BART trains each weekday.

Know your commute plan during a BART strike