A 21-year old who raped a disabled woman during a weekend break-in has been arrested and could face life in prison.

The attack happened around 1:00am Saturday morning at an apartment complex in the 7400 block of Powder Inn Road.

"He broke a window to actually get in.  She had her cell phone in her hand and he was able to get the cell phone from her, therefore she was not able to call 911 or anybody else for help," said Sergeant Lisa Bowman.

Bowman said Abraham Arroyo was taken into custody Monday and charged with breaking into the 43-year old woman's home, sexual assault and false imprisonment.  There's also a penal code 209 enhancement, a charge that could put Arroyo in prison for life,

"There had to have had a conversation that took place that was so egregious, so memorable, and something the detectives can prove, enough so much that they could charge him with that," Sergeant Bowman added.

Arroyo is being held on $1 million bail.  He'll make his first court appearance Thursday.