It's been a symbol of our nation for more than 200 years and as Californians celebrate the Fourth of July, they're being reminded to properly display the Stars and Stripes.

People celebrating this Fourth of July should follow proper flag etiquette when flying Old Glory.  

Mike Buss with the American Legion says the American flag represents our freedom and should be honored by all citizens, regardless of their political views.

"No matter what party is in office, it represents all of us, it represents our country, it represents what we believe in, our freedoms. We should always think that the flag is that, and it should be respected as such," Buss said. 

According to the Federal Flag Code, the U.S. flag can be displayed 24-hours a day only if it is properly illuminated at night. 

And it can be displayed in bad weather, but only if it's an all-weather flag.